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MITASU has so many experiences with survey and research works in many different fields not only for development projects but also for business companies. Most of the surveys experienced in the past are in rural development and livelihoods improvement of Myanmar rural people. But, we are providing survey and research works for new incoming companies for their information to examine and analyst current situations on possibilities business and demand in Myanmar. So, our consultants group "MITASU" has been serving so many different field of survey and research works. Survey and research work that we currently providing services are as follows:   

ü  Market survey for agriculture and its related products, livestock and its related products, cosmetics, kitchen materials, construction materials,
     exported and imported products

ü  Research survey for technical inputs, households, income

ü  Research survey for government policies, laws, rules and regulations of some ministries, which are currently applying in Myanmar and taxes as well

ü  Market survey on procedures and required materials to be prepared for new incoming foreign companies/organizations