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NgweSaung is also on the western coast of Myanmar on the Bay of Bengal, nearly directly west of Yangon and a bit south of Ngapali. It has become popular with tourists in just the last two or three years and the quality of the beach, sand and water is comparable to Ngapali Beach. the beach could be reached only by car (about 5-6 hours’ drive) from Yangon, or by a tourist ferry that would make an overnight trip (but sometimes the boat would not run if they did not have enough bookings)The most pleasant and lovely beach of Myanmar that NgweSaung Beach is had the clean and white waves on the blue sky of sea. Along of the beach have the natural beauty. Lovers Island situated nearest of the beach that can be walked at the time of tide pool. In this Island, natural beautiful photo can be taken with the perfect beauty on the hill of the Island.Elephant camp can be gone as field trip as of nearest from the NgweSaung Beach.Tanga village, Thityoung Island and NgayokeKoung Island can be visited to the natural forest.

Day (1)

From the Yangon, the trip start at night ( ) with bus
For dinner and   defecate&Urinating will be finishedat the Restaurant. Anytime can be stop for healthy.

Day (2)

At early morning arrived to NgweSaung Beach hotel and then the afternoon anddinner finish at the hotel. This night will sleep in this hotel.

Day (3)

After the breakfast relax in this hotel. Lovers Island is going at this day in the NgweSaung.This night will sleep in this hotel.

Day (4)

In the morning will come back to Yangon. Present can bough (by self) at the time of afternoon. At evening reached to Yangon with the pleasure.