Project Coordination and Consultation

MITASU Consultants Company Limited highly provides the excellent services for regional development by coordinating and consulting with international consultant organization especially for serving regional development in Myanmar. MITASU Consultants provides to be successful in penetrating the regional development projects by focusing not only man power but also spirited minds.

As part of an effort to manage the consultation process, service provider will make meetings with the contractor or employer where projects can be presented and discussed. These meetings are held to prepare instruction for the project, to write and submit the project proposal and how to run, how to manage project for the given project. At these meetings, project designs and impact analysis are presented and methods to reduce impacts to listed species are discussed between Contractor (Employer), and Service provider. Large complicated projects may be presented at more than one meeting.

Types of project or our experiences including coordination and consultation, survey and research, interpretation and translation, seminar and workshops we have been provided and we are still providing are as mentioned as follows.


We involved the following services as Consultant Company –


Interpretation & Coordination

Interpretation & Coordination:
We can serve as interpreter/ Coordinator and Liaison officer between various ministries of Myanmar and our customer who are working in community development & project implementation.



Survey & Research

Survey & Research:

We conducted round about 10 surveys & researches per year together with International Non-Government Organizations and Government Organizations.




Seminar & Workshops

We can arrange to hold Seminar & Workshops according to our customer’s needs.




Project Implementation & Logistic supports

Project Implementation & Logistic supports

We also involved project implementation & logistic supports in various types of projects.